Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can be miserable. Treatments are many and varied and drug treatments have limited effects and are not without side effects.  Hypnosis has been used in pain control for a very long time, and yet until relatively recently the effectiveness was left pretty much untested. Since the 1980s that has changed and evidence now shows that hypnosis itself can bring significant and long-lasting benefits to those with chronic pain. Benefits are generally of two kinds: reduced pain intensity day to day, and an ability to use self-hypnosis to bring periods of greater comfort. Using techniques backed up by increasingly robust evidence, I can give you more control over your pain, and the 'side effects' of my therapy may result in increased energy, increased self-awareness, improved well-being, improved sleep - real improvements. Using  psychotherapy (CBT) with hypnosis will give you a greater understanding of the different aspects of your pain, and arm you with strategies to take back control. 

Whether you suffer from headaches, including migraine, back pain, arthritic pain, nerve damage or pain caused by trauma, you will benefit from Cognitive Hypnotherapy - a short-term treatment will give long-lasting effects as it equips you with the skills to manage your own pain more effectively.




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