Covid-safe Working Practice


I am absolutely committed to the welfare and safety of my clients and have put in place the following measures and practices to give you peace of mind when attending for your appointments.

What you can expect from me:

At the time you book an appointment I will enquire about symptoms of COVID-19 and gather some information about other health vulnerabilities. Prior to each appointment I will remind you of the need to cancel if you have any specific symptoms (see below).

I will offer online appointments to those who wish to take up this option.

My cabin will be clean. I will wipe down chairs, surfaces, door handles with sanitizer prior to any client arriving.

There will be hand sanitizer for use on arrival.

I will have checked my temperature & those of my household on the day of your appointment.

I will cancel the appointment if I, or anyone in my household, develops any symptoms potentially indicating coronavirus.

I will leave half an hour between appointments to clean and ventilate the cabin, and to ensure there is no overlap between clients arriving and leaving.

I will leave a window open during the session.

There will be a 2m distance between my chair and yours in the cabin.

There will be absolutely no contact between us during the appointment.

Any pen or pencil or paper that might be there for your use will not have been touched by unsanitized hands.  You may like to bring your own.


What is expected from you please:

Do not attend your appointment if you or anyone in your household has any of the following: raised temperature; persistent cough; loss of sense of taste or smell.

Try as far as you are able to arrive as near to the time of your appointment as possible to save any waiting around. If you arrive early you may like to stay in your car on the driveway until your appointment time.

Use the sanitizer provided on arrival.

Allow me to check your temperature on arrival (non-contact thermometer).

Bring your own pen and paper if you wish.

Keep to the 2-meter distance as far as you are able.

Payments can be made by online bank transfer; tap payments; cash in envelope.

Feel free to ask any questions of me.

And, relax.




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