Habits and Addictions

We all have an unwanted habit or two...don't we? 

Some of these are simple habits such as nail biting or hair pulling. Some of them may be more chronic and debilitating like drinking excessively or smoking. Habits are usually learned automatic responses. They often serve a purpose to help us feel less stressed or wound up, as a way of calming ourselves. Because they are learned (or conditioned) responses they can be unlearned!  Using  a range of tools including relaxation techniques, hypnosis, CBT approaches and  becoming more self aware, habits can be overcome. Simple habits can be remarkably easily and rapidly overcome. Other chronic habits such as over-eating or alcohol or drug use can be helped by using a combination of Hypno-CBT techniques enabling you to really alter patterns of thinking and behaviours and learn new automatic responses to replace the old unwanted ones.

In just a few sessions, I can help you to do away with habits - and prevent you relapsing - by using a variety of tried and tested techniques form my "tool-box".

"When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins"

Emile Coue




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