Sleeplessness is a common and distressing condition affecting at least 10% of the population. We all have the occasional restless night but sometimes this can become chronic and really impact on daytime activity, causing irritability, headaches, reduced motivation and other unwanted effects. Sleeplessness is often perpetuated by worries, intrusive thoughts and unhelpful "coping" habits; insomniacs tend to carry more tension in their muscles and have a higher heart rate.  Your doctor is likely to offer limited treatment options.

By adopting a multi-faceted CBT approach, underpinned by evidence and incorporating hypnotic techniques, I will help you to sleep for longer and cope better with poor nights by learning a range of skills. I will teach you how to deeply relax yourself, identify and combat the thoughts and habits that you engage in which currently maintain the problem and learn self-hypnosis to improve confidence and sleep. Commitment to treatment will pay off and you will learn to sleep longer, more efficiently and reduce time to dropping off. 

There is no magic bullet. However, after a thorough assessment, I will tailor the approach to your individual situation and work with you using a variety of strategies to help you to sleep better.




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