Low Confidence

Lacking confidence can be frustrating and can hold you back. It may stop you doing things you want to do. It can get in the way of progressing in the workplace and achieving a satisfying social life. Hypnotherapy can really help.

You will be amazed at how when we change our behaviour our whole mindset can change and we think and feel differently. Through mental rehearsal under hypnosis you can bring a new confident you into real life situations. Hypnotherapy will arm you with new ways of bringing a more self-assured, assertive, relaxed and effective you into areas of your life which are currently a struggle.

After a thorough assessment, I tailor the approach to fit you and your problem, whether it's shyness, low self-worth or problems standing up to your boss, whether it's a life-long difficulty or a recent particular situation. 

"It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"

Edmund Hillary




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