The menopause often brings hot flushes and night sweats. Less commonly spoken of, however, is the anxiety and irrational thoughts, mood swings, insomnia and depression that can prove so troublesome at this stage of life. Countless women remain unaware that these are part of the menopause, fail to seek help and suffer in silence.

Using deep relaxation, hypnosis and visualisation, along with other approaches tailored to your particular concerns, I can help you to get on top of these issues which can be so prolonged, frustrating, embarrassing and distressing. By increasing your awareness of the connection between mind and body, and learning how to deeply relax yourself you can gain control over your symptoms.

The North American Menopausal Society have carried out rigorous studies showing hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy to be effective in helping reduce symptom frequency and severity. It is one of the few treatments backed by solid evidence that it works. Studies generally report significant improvement over the course of about five sessions of therapy.

HRT works well for many, but if you can't take it or would rather not, hypnotherapy might just be a good alternative. If HRT brings partial relief, add on hypnotherapy to make further progress.




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