Weight Loss

Are you tired of trying yet another diet? Are you fed up of relying on “will power” to lose weight? Are you bored of managing to lose a few pounds only to put it back on again all too soon? Hypnotherapy may be a good alternative for you.

The hypno gastric band technique can help you to lose weight and keep weight off.  If you are over-weight and you really are motivated to lose weight then you are likely to be suitable for this type of therapy. Over the course of the sessions, I will use a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis to help you to explore, understand and change your eating habits. Then, using your mind/body connection, I will fit a “virtual gastric band” to your stomach. The predictor of success is you. I am trained in the technique and will use evidence-based habit changing techniques alongside the fitting of the band, however the key to success is your commitment to losing weight. I will provide you with the skills to help you lose weight and maintain that loss.

As with all treatment approaches, there is no absolute guarantee, however your mind is an amazing instrument, and your attitudes to food and patterns of behaviour can be changed.

Across the 4 sessions you will receive a full assessment, including a full diet history, and discussion of your goal. I will introduce you to hypnosis and the wonderful feeling of relaxation and calm that can be experienced fast. You will be given a recording then to listen to daily until the next session. Over the next three sessions we will work together on your particular issues around eating, using whatever CBT techniques are best to help you. You will be introduced to your virtual surgeon and go on to have the virtual band fitted and later adjusted. I will give you a second recording to use to reinforce the changes identified to aid you in achieving your goal.

The sessions last for 1- 1/5 hours each. The first 3 sessions are a week apart and the fourth session a month after that.

My fee for the full four session programme is £200.

I offer ad hoc maintenance appointments intermittently, at your request, to help you to keep on track, keep the weight off and prevent relapse.





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